For Sale: Commercial Red Angus - First Calf Heifer Pairs

Sired by Registered Red Angus Bulls, bred to Registered Red Angus Bulls

Price: $2,500 per pair, buyer responsible for shipping

These heifers are currently calving, we will be offering 200 pair for sale.

  Red Angus heifers in PastureRed Angus Heifer and calf


If you are re-building or just building your cow herd, why not do it with top quality high percentage Red Angus? From a herd 30 years perfecting, you will find no better Red Angus for your own High Quality commercial herd.  Come see our new mothers at Turley Ranch.



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Durham, Oklahoma  73642

Ranch Phone: 580-983-2326
Ranch Fax: 580-983-2766

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